It was the longest day of year
With no clouds in the sky
Which made us suffer, oh, my dear,
Four years all the people cried.

The common woe depressed us down
So, so many humans died
And those, who still were safe and sound
Did not believe that they survived.

Now kinfolks come farewell to say
Whilst time fills up the endless dead-lists
And puts the obelisks
On graves.

K. Simonov 1971

Victory Day is a triumph of national unity. This holiday preserves intact the sacred memory of the people's heroic feat, connecting generations across the globe.
Here the war history is reflected in faces of the heroes, employees of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, who fought for freedom and independence of their Motherland.

The 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War is an important event for the airport. With great honor, we announce the names of our employees whose valor is inscribed in the history of the country.

We invite you to look in the eyes as if they were a mirror, reflecting the war.
These heroes lived through tragedies of the war that divided their lives into two parts.
Look at the people who endured inhuman hardships and learned the value of peace.

Our photo project "The Mirror of War" commemorates their sacrifice on the altar of Victory and reminds us that they fought for us to live.

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